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The categories are:


Muslim in the Community
This award recognises an individual or group of people that have gone that extra mile. An inspiring role model who has passion to make their community a better place.


Arts & Culture Awareness
This category recognises an individual or group whose dedication promotes Islamic and British culture and enriches this country’s cultural landscape.


Young Achiever of the Year
This award recognises an individual who has achieved significant success at a relatively young age, through dedication and drive. Through their determination and perseverance they have demonstrated age is not a barrier to gaining success. Open to nominees 30 years old or under.


Charity of the Year
This award recognises a responsible charity that has ensured your money is spent in the best possible way, making a positive difference to lives in the UK and abroad.


Responsible Media of the Year
This category recognises a media outlet that has remained balanced at all times ensuring every side of the story is heard.


Religious Advocate of the Year
This award recognises a religious teacher who is able to balance Muslim teachings with the British way of life. They are inspiring to our younger generations helping them to understand better the true meaning of being a Muslim whilst facing all the challenges of an integrated Great Britain.


Muslim Woman of the Year
This category rewards an individual who has excelled in her chosen field and has demonstrated tenacity over the years.


Best at Sport
This category honours individuals or teams who have demonstrated their commitment to achieve success in the sporting arena. This award identifies those who have inspired other British Muslims around the country.


Services to Medicine
The early Muslim medical community strived to find ways to care for the health of the human body. Today British Muslims are at the forefront of breaking new barriers and this category recognises their Services to Medicine.


Services to Media
Media shapes the world how we see it. This award recognises individuals for their Services to Media in the UK.


Services to Education
This category recognises the achievements of people who dedicate their lives to children and young people and showcase the valuable work and innovation across British classrooms.


Services to Science & Engineering
Algebra and the Arabic numerals were introduced to the world by Muslim Scholars. The Service to Science & Engineering category recognises the talents of individuals who have continued this legacy.


Services to Law
This category recognises the enthusiasm and success of those who have chosen the legal field.


Services to Creativity & Technology
This category recognises an individual who has inspired to be different. With their ‘out of box’ thinking and creative minds, they have ensured they are at the forefront of their industries.


Civil Servant of the Year
This award recognises those who have not only contributed to the Muslim communities but those who have served a government department or agency proving.


Services to Finance & Accounts
This category recognises the contribution of those individuals working in the Finance & Accounting sector. With the emergence of Halal finance this sector is now more important than ever.


Politician of the Year
This category recognises those individuals who have broken down political barriers and are constantly striving to implement change for the good of society.


Businesswoman of the Year
This award recognises an exceptional individual who is not only an ambassador for women and ethnic minorities but an inspiration to all in the business world.


Businessman of the Year
This award recognises the achievements and hard work of an individual who serves as an inspiration to those around them. The vision and determination of this individual has brought them to the very pinnacle of their industry.


Entrepreneur of the Year
This award brings to light the incredible achievements of an individual whose entrepreneurial spirit, drive and ability of creative thinking, has propelled them to success.


Business of the Year
This category recognises the enterprise that has come on leaps and bounds over the last year and thus unequivocally dominated its corner of the market.


Spirit of Britain
The Spirit of Britain award is for an individual or group which over the years has demonstrated that you can be Muslim and a proud Brit.

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